Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dallin went to the hospital this week with meningitis and it was NOT FUN!!! He is still recovering, but able to go back to school which he is happy about. He was such a brave little guy going through a spinal tap, blood draws, and several more uncomfortable procedures. The Dr.s and nurses fell in love with him and got a kick out of his sense of humor. When he started to wake up from being under from the tap, they were giving him a swine flu test which is like a mascara brush stuck up your nose as far as it can go and then twisted... does not feel good... I said, "Hey buddy.. how do you feel?" He goes," Well I don't like waking up like THAT!!" What a character :)

Tired from an exhausting day of learning to crawl and throwing temper tantrums :)

My first cracker!! Yummy :)

HAYDEN LOST ANOTHER TOOTH!!! What a freakin cutie!

The new game of Mason's is lets see if I can be cute enough that mom will want to get out her camera and take a picture of me! Aren't I just the cutest thing in the whole world!!!! We are creating a monster because no matter if it's actually cute, annoying, or bad behavior, we are having a really hard time stifling our giggles!

Ivy Dawn
Jaxin Walker
Just "Cuz"

Good Night!

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Walker Family said...

your kids are so stikin cute! love the picture of mason and jaxen sleepin!!! :)