Sunday, April 4, 2010

My visit with the Chandler family

I was invited to a week of pink and decided to take full advantage!

I was pampered from the first minute I walked in the door. First the girls showed me my room where everything I could possibly need for the week, for Jaxin and myself, was stacked up on the bookshelf, (including a pink towel, a soft pink blanket, and my favorite chocolate!) As soon as I changed they had me close my eyes and surprised me with a party complete with pink cake and pink presents! I got soft pink socks, a whole book of paper dolls, a barbie, nail polish, and body glitter spray!! Freakin best party EVER!! :)I wasn't the only one taking advantage... Denae wasted no time!

First day - Top priority
Shopping of course!

Second priority - fashion show
in new skirts of course :)

Time for pedicures! We had so much fun spending sister time together.. Got some mixed feelings from people about whether we look alike or completely opposite. What do you think? I just noticed that Geri's hand looks like the Addam's family hand... creepy!

First time eating Collard Greens.. No offense to the south, but ew!
Jacob and Geri were so sweet and dropped everything to take me to D.C. over the weekend. It was my first time, and pictures cannot describe how amazing it felt to be there. They can somewhat show how rainy and cold it was, but it was so worth it! All the monuments were breathtaking, but I think my favorite would have had to be the Lincoln Memorial. Everyone had a sense of reverence around the different sights, and with all the people that were there, it was impressive. We also went into different Smithsonian Museums which were really cool to show the kids pictures of. They were especially impressed by "Me not dumb-dumb, you dumb-dumb.. Me want gum gum!"

Geri took me to the Appomattox Courthouse where the Civil War ended, and just like everything else.. I was in awe. It was so surreal how the land and the buildings were the same as the ones that were there in 1865. I saw some of the original furniture, hand written letters, and weapons that were used during this time. I can't wait to take Bob and the kids there someday.

She also took me to the D-day memorial, and just like the war monuments in D.C. people were extremely quiet and you just felt a sense of respect for our country by walking through it. Of course it also made me sad for all those who have died for our freedom.
3 words: braids, dresses, twirling. This was what my week of pink was all about! It was like my little fairytale coming alive in Geri's backyard, and these girls did NOT disappoint! What perfect little angels she has ♥

Naomi was such a trooper letting me play dress up with her when she would really rather be playing with sticks!
Denae and Aliya weren't quite done posing, and Aunt Nina didn't mind one bit!

Geri bought us all matching aprons and we cooked a chicken broccoli braid on my last night there. Definite chefs in the making!

And Aliya was our biggest fan!

It ended all too soon, but we tried really hard to make it a happy goodbye with almost no tears. We stopped on the way to the airport and let the girls pick out their own best friend necklaces to help lessen the blow for all of us. It helped Denae, but I think it made her mom tear up! Such precious memories ♥

I looked like a freakin gypsy on the plane!

Oh Chandlers.. Thank you so much for making this week so special for me, and giving me some much needed girl time. I love you all so much and can't wait to come visit with the whole gang. Of course I also look forward to you moving home when the time is right. And Geri... you will never know how much the time I spent with you this week meant to me. It topped everything else just knowing that we were able to spend good quality time together and have a genuinely good time doing it! I love you so much and thanks again for everything ♥

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