Monday, June 14, 2010

Logan's 8th Celebration

Abuelita picked Logan up early from school to go pick out his own set of scriptures and highlighters. He felt like a missionary with the case she helped him pick out and got to help put his name on the front. What a fun tradition!
I am pretty sure he liked his presents!

Logan got to choose where we ate for dinner, which was Golden Corral of course.

On the day of his pizza party Logan had to go on a scavenger hunt for his toppings first. First stop: Uncle Robbie's and Aunt KK's where Logan had to find Robbie hiding with the ingredient!

Next stop: Great Grandma Henry ♥
Then off to Grandpa Pat and Grandma Sharla's to find where the mushrooms are hidden :)
At Aunt Cesley's house Logan played a little fear factor to get his prize!
Then it's off to Micheal's where his treasure was buried

Great Grandma Baldwin had Logan eat his way through jello to get to his next topping! What a good sport :)Abuelita had an assortment of poetry leading to different prizes throughout the house... so fun!

Last stop was Uncle Ty's and Aunt Shanny's where it was a game of name that tune... good humming guys!!
The end result: PIZZA PARTY!!! Video games+jump house with swords+make your own pizza=The perfect boy party :)

What else happens when you turn eight?!

Logan had a very special baptism experience with a lot of loved ones to help celebrate

What a sweet little boy. I can't believe it has been eight years since he was in my tummy.. He is a spitting image of his father and loves to cuddle with his mother. I couldn't be more proud! I love you SO much Logan ♥


Walker Family said...

Marina! I loved this post! even tho we look like dorks humming:) but i especially loved the pictures from logans baptism, since we werent able to make it... you have some priceless pictures that made me tear up! We love you guys so much!

The Funny Farm said...

Awesome! I love the blog but it has never let me comment before.

Thanks again for having Kaleb over Logan! He loved it because he loves all you guys.

Funny, my kiddos always choose Golden Corral too :)

Its All Good Ya'll said...

What a great birthday!!!! Logan's mom is so cool!!!! I feel a little jipped that he didn't make a stop to Aunt Ger-Bear's house, what the heck?!?

I love you Logan, we all do! You are such a handsome young man and I am so proud of you!