Saturday, December 26, 2009


Our sweet beloved Abby passed away on Christmas Eve night after being hit by a car near our house. She was a member of our family for the last 8 years. She helped raise the kids, protected us when Bob was gone, provided companionship on lonely nights and during camping trips, and was absolutely the best dog ever. Bob and her were the best of friends: playing fetch, hunting birds, camping, fishing, wrestling, and snuggling. I loved her so much as she was so loving and gentle, a shoulder for me to cry on more than once, protecting me and helping me through tough times when Bob worked in Seattle.She loved the boys and played with them and was patient while they climbed all over her. She listened and obeyed and was a perfect family dog. She wasn't just our dog.. So many hearts were stolen by her, and she was so many people's "favorite dog". She will be greatly missed and we will always love her. So long sweet Abi-girl ♥


Suzie-Q said...

Sorry for your loss, such a horrible time for it. We will pray for comfort and peace for your family. Remember to be grateful for the time you had with her.
--Owens Family

Walker Family said...

She sure stole our hearts too! definitly our favorite dog, and the only dog lil ty loved, we will miss her so much, our hearts ache for you and your family and for sweet abby girl, we love you guys.

Abuelita said...

I love you Abby...I miss you with all my heart. Run with the angels little girl and we'll see you when you meet us at the gates of Heaven!

Its All Good Ya'll said...

I am so sorry sis! What a lucky dog to be a part of the Henry family!