Sunday, January 31, 2010


I wasn't able to get a lot of our pictures posted of the holidays, so I thought I'd upload some of my favorites. So these first few are for Halloween. We were once again at the last minute with no costumes. I am not personally that big on Halloween, so it takes me a lot of nudging to get costumes ready for the kids. We usually end up paying too much money for the leftover costumes that nobody else wanted, but this year we ended up using some of our old costumes and other odds and ends to make what I think turned out to be some of the best costumes ever! The kids were pretty excited about them too.

We had such a good time. After stopping by Grandma Baldwin's house, Abuelita's, and Grandpa Walker's we headed over to Aunt Cesley's to meet up with Grandpa Pat and Grandma Sharla to go trick or treating together. I think this was the first year the older boys didn't get tired before we did. They had a good time get lots of candy, walking with Morgan and Delaney, and taking turns riding on Grandpa's 4 wheeler.
I broke my camera right after Halloween and didn't get a new one until right after Thanksgiving, so I missed those pictures, but here are some fun things we did during Christmas break:
We played in the snow
We made Christmas cookies
We decorated the tree
We went sledding at Grandpa Walker's house

We cheered on our favorite team! We saw Santa Clause!!

I bought the boys some new Christmas sweaters and took pictures of some very mature looking young men. I couldn't believe how old they all look!


Suzie-Q said...

Wow. You have such an adorable little family.
I hope we get to see you again when we come down that way.

Its All Good Ya'll said...

What a handsome family you have! Oh, the hearts they will break! I can't believe how old your boys look in their Halloween costumes.

Walker Family said...

Marina! Im so glad you posted so many pictures:) I enjoyed every single one of them!!! Such sweet sweet family, and priceless pictures, makes me miss my camera:(...Looks like you all had such a good time this chrismas:) I love the pictures of you and my boys, you are such a great aunt!! love you