Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fiesta Bowl 09

I know these pictures are a bit old, but I had to put up some of my favorites, because THIS was a fun night! Fiesta Bowl... Dad's house... GO B.S.U.!!! (I think I had more fun with my nieces and nephews then watching the actual game, but don't tell anybody!)

My sweet sweet nieces have the most darling smiles

Tyson and Mason chillin as buds

...and their moms as buds :)

The biggest Bronco fans EVER!

Okay please do not use my son as a football Uncle Robbie!

Breathe... Breathe... Don't spike him PLEASE!

For your safety: Please keep the children away from Uncle Robbie in times of touchdowns...interceptions...bad refereeing... etc :)

This sweet nephew of mine was in rare form tonight and I seriously had to pick between several pictures I had that captured the most precious laughing smiles as we played all night together. I love my Ty!


As if the huge flat screen T.V. isn't big enough from the comfort of your seat... silly boys :)Thanks Dad for an awesome night!


Its All Good Ya'll said...

I love the pictures!!! It is so stupid to think I was in town for the big game and I'm not in any of the pics because we had to be somewhere else. My favorite pic is of the guys high-fiving! SO CUTE!!!

Walker Family said...

Aww yay! you updated your blog!! I love all the pictures especially the ones of your boys on the windows soo cute! And the pictures of you and ty are so precious! he sure loves you, and i remember that night was so special you guys were wrestling and playing the whole time!! loves aunt nina even if he plays hard to get sometimes:) haha love the blog sis!