Thursday, March 25, 2010

memories to ♥

I don't know what this face is all about, but apparently it's a new fad in the Henry home!
Good 'ol fashion fun with Grandpa Walker

2 of my favorite guys

Mason DEMANDS piggy back rides to bed!

Jaxin loves playing with his big brother!

We had such a fun time with our romantic family Valentines dinner that I think we will make it a tradition!
He did a wonderful job creating and cooking the menu... He delighted the crowd with his polite and witty French accent... He served everybody their meals and surprised us all with a lovely dessert...Introducing Misuer Hayden:
The first clogging competition of the year took place at NNU and it was a good thing that Dallin went first so I could follow in his footsteps.. He did good for his first performance of the year and his team took 1st place!
I competed for the first time in 12 years with the adult team and although it was a lot slicker than I remember, it was so much fun! We took 1st as well, but unfortunately my cameras battery died and so most of the stage pictures ended up on Mom's camera.
Jaxin was not impressed
But he had fun with Abuelita
...and loves her very much!
Right before this Dallin was playing around with Dad and got a foam sword to the eye which resulted in this... please nobody turn us in!
Jaxin got his first real haircut... and boy did he need it! He was a good sport and giggled almost the whole time!
Sweet little mischievous boys...
Crazy hair day at school today
EVERYONE wanted to participate and
YES that is all their REAL hair!!

Special date night thanks to Mom and John babysitting.. We spent the whole night reminiscing with pictures and songs and old love letters... well not the WHOLE night :)
Having so much fun babysitting Ivy and Adelyn.. precious girls seem to mix in well around here... hmm


Its All Good Ya'll said...

SO many great pics I don't know what to comment on first!!!!! I love Hayden with a mustache, that kid has a killer smile!
I love the boys behind the couch, these moments are rarely caught on film.
Great idea about Valentine's I will probably steal it!

My favorite pic out of the bunch though is Mason's first haircut...if you look there are red shampoo bottles behind him that make him look like he has horns and the women holding him very well could be Satan's helpers....it made me chuckle.... what a great way to start my morning.

Love you sis!

Walker Family said...

fun pictures!!! love crazy hair day made me laugh! and marina i just have to say you are beautiful! love your pictures!

Abuelita said...

Wow - what a great looking crew! But you know what my favorite part of your blog is...?
No, it's not the picture of my nose with Jax! :-)
It's your "About Me" comments. Sweetheart - what a gift you have with words! It was beautiful! I love you!