Saturday, July 31, 2010

Last days of school and such

Hayden kicked some home school butt this year, but we definitely went through some trials. It had a lot to do with building self confidence and independence, so what better task than weeding the garden?! It would have been a hard job for a grown man, and this kid did the whole entire thing by himself. His attitude was one of humility and pride by the end of the third day when he had filled 4 large trash cans. Sometimes tough love can really be the best thing!

I can't believe my baby boy is going to start middle school next year... he is going to do great!

End of the year jam session showing me his skills from guitar lessons all year. This kid ROCKS!!!

Dallin had a great year with a great teacher. Mrs. Koenig is amazing and is the only teacher who will have had all three of the older Henry boys! We sure love her ♥

Dallin was at the top of his class academically and also received awards for citizenship this year. We are so proud of him for pushing himself!

Logan's teacher has also had Dallin, and has become a dear friend. Mrs Hodges is exactly the kind of example I want for my kids and am so grateful that she is in their lives...and mine!

Logan makes us proud every year and it almost seems unfair to other kids how easy things seem to come for him :)I am sure he will have his trials, but so far I have never had to worry about this little man. He is just a well rounded boy growing up just like his dad! He got awards throughout the year as well, but I wasn't able to get pictures of it.Here's Pam hangin' out with Jax. She has been helping me once a week with the kids, so that I can stay on top of things better. What a good friend!

I just love this picture...Jaxin is such a sweet baby
Much to my dismay, (since I am allergic), we have a cat. I don't know why, but he has claimed us and will NOT leave our house! It may have had something to do with the food I set out for him :) I just can't pet him :( He is beautiful and mild mannered and our friend named him Gato!
This is just a picture of our backyard... one of the main reasons we bought this house almost 9 years ago. This is just a small shot of it, but I love this picture of the willow


Walker Family said...

I love my nephews!!! they are all sooo handsome and smart!!! And wow I absolutely adore your new blog picture!! could you ask for better!!!?? how did you get them all to smile!! love love it!!!

Josh and Tiff said...

Thanks for giving me your blog address! I think I ran into it a long time ago and then couldn't find it! Your family is just so adorable! I wish we lived closer, because I remember your kids being like 4, not in middle school... they just keep getting bigger!

The Funny Farm said...

Oh my! What a fun post. So great to look back on all that really happens in a school year, and here starts another!

Also, I love the big pic for your header- precious!