Wednesday, September 1, 2010



and learning how to carve sticks like a man!

Mason's first fish!

I can't tell if they are related... can you :-)

This summer was full of hair.. Everyone was in much need of a haircut, but I held out until I couldn't tell who was who!

Meet our new friends: Josh and Molly - I don't even think they had a home this summer outside of ours! We had some good times playing Nertz and getting to know each other :)This is Molly and Aubrey and me at Molly's baby shower
These are some cool peeps :)

The clogging classic was a blast!! Not only did I get to perform on the same stage I clogged on when I was 9... I also got to watch my 9 year old rock the stage! It was a fun year and Robbie does an amazing job running his studio. It just wouldn't be the same without getting to dance with family!

BBQ with Grandpa Pat, Grandma Sharla and Aunt Cesley - Good food... baseball game... great company! It was a near perfect day :)

Here's my Hayden.... leaving the nest to go to Gooding for camp. They go to Roaring Springs, they float the river, they go horseback riding, and they go skating. They have all sorts of fun stuff going on the whole week, and it's funded for kids with vision impairments. Hayden is actually one of the more sighted kids there and loves to help with the kids who can't see at all. It is his second time going, and is an absolutely amazing experience for him!


Josh and Tiff said...

You've done a lot of fun things lately! But then again you did have a whole month of no blogging, so I expected a long post :) haha, jk. Love your family... your boys are so adorable! I totally miss you guys. I'm only like 5 hours away, I should come visit.

Walker Family said...

love all the sweet pictures!! those will be some great memories for your boys! love you guys!

Suzie-Q said...

What fun you most have with this crazy household of yours.
It was so fun to see you guys in July.
Your family is too cute!

Its All Good Ya'll said...

Looks like you had a great summer!!! Too bad you didn't have any other visitors....oh wait, I think you did!?! ;-)

The Funny Farm said...

Yea! Thanks for the sweet shout out :) FUN FUN FUN!